Instagram is amongst the top 5 list of most used social media platforms over the years. It has evolved from being an outlet for posting photo content to becoming a useful tool for digital marketers to boost their brand’s awareness. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it is a sure way to effectively create and share content, drive traffic to attract more customers, and then generate more sales in return.

Have you ever wondered how the swipe-up link feature works? You’ve probably seen this Instagram feature in several celebrities, influencers, and marketing brands’ stories. Previously, only users with over 10,000 followers could use this on their stories. They can use it to include a link for their followers to check by simply swiping up their corresponding stories. However the 10k follower reach is not available for all of us, so we have some exciting news around how we can still benefit from story clicks.

Here at Leaders in Digital, we make sure that these useful features are maximized to be able to successfully promote your business and get more leads. Check out how your brand can benefit from this, and other Instagram updates...

How Swiping Up Can Increase Your Brand’s Engagement

Your followers, or casual viewers, get to engage with your Instagram Swipe Up story content which results in successfully promoting your brand. There are various ways businesses can benefit from this particular Instagram feature:

  • Promoting Your Products or Services – this feature is definitely a great way for promoting what you have to offer for potential or returning customers. It’s also more convenient for your viewers to check out the offer as they can be easily redirected to your site by simply swiping up

  • Promoting Your Brand’s Blogs and Videos – to easily promote a new blog or video content on your website, sharing it through Instagram stories and adding the link to the swipe-up feature can catch curious users’ attention.

  • Promoting Upcoming Events – if you want your event to have a huge turnout, take advantage of the swiping uplink feature to advertise, and get interested participants. It’s a helpful approach to spread the word and encourage people to join.

This Instagram feature has proven to be a valuable game-changer for brands and Instagram influencers. Digital marketers who needed to drive more traffic and increase in ROI enjoyed the results of using the swipe-up link feature.

This Instagram’s Update Is the Alternative for The Swipe-Up Link Feature

Instagram acknowledged the few concerns regarding not having access to the swipe-up link feature. Since it’s only limited to verified accounts with 10,000 or more followers, it’s impossible for Instagram users with smaller followings to use it. Instagram addressed this issue by testing out the linked sticker feature to cater to all users.

The sticker feature’s many capabilities would be the substitute for swiping links. It’s already a natural way for interaction on the platform. Enabling people to participate in campaigns, expressing emotions, adding a touch of style to stories, and sharing information like time, location, and even temperature are some of the ways to use these stickers.

Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product, shares that there is no intention of bringing links anywhere else on the platform, and getting the stickers out for everyone is the goal they would like to reach. Let’s see if this follows through as a long-term strategy!

So if you are a digital marketer looking for more ways to efficiently boost revenue and gain more customers, make the most out of the swipe-up link feature and see results for your brand. And if you’re hoping to enjoy this feature too, but doesn’t meet the criteria, watch out for Instagram’s sticker update, and hang on till you can enjoy it as well.

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With over one billion active users, Instagram continues to grow as one of the most popular social media platforms. The competition is getting tougher and brands put a lot of effort online to make sure their Instagram account gets maximum reach and engagement.

Now, are you wondering how Instagram decides what content shows up first in your Feed and Stories? You are not alone! The past social algorithm updates have greatly affected brands’ organic reach and engagement, making it harder for marketers to figure out the changes on the platform. Recently, Instagram published a blog post to give us a better understanding of the Instagram algorithm.

In this blog, Leaders In Digital breaks down the basics of how the algorithm really works, and some Instagram content strategies to ensure you are maximizing your brand’s organic reach.

How Does The Instagram Algorithm Work?

In 2016, Instagram ended its reverse-chronological feed to prioritize timely, fresh posts relevant to user's interests. Instagram is made up of “a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes” tailored to shape what users see first on the app. For Stories and Feed, Instagram uses key signals to decide what content to show people. Here are the signals that Instagram use, in order of importance:

  • Information about the post. These are signals both about how popular a post is – think how many people have liked it – and more mundane information about the content itself, like when it was posted, how long it is if it’s a video, and what location, if any, was attached to it.

  • Information about the person who posted. This helps us get a sense of how interesting the person might be to you, and includes signals like how many times people have interacted with that person in the past few weeks.

  • Your activity. This helps us understand what you might be interested in and includes signals such as how many posts you’ve liked.

  • Your history of interacting with someone. This gives us a sense of how interested you are generally in seeing posts from a particular person. An example is whether or not you comment on each other’s posts.

Instagram continues to work on updating and refining their algorithm. It’s important to understand how the algorithm works and create future-proof content strategy for your brand. Backed by data, here are 5 tactics to help you boost your Instagram presence.

5 Tips To Outsmart The Instagram Algorithm

1. Start With Consistent Publishing

You can’t “feed” the algorithm unless you’ve put enough content on your account. Consistency requires planning, don’t sacrifice the quality of your posts for quantity.

Don’t forget to know when is the best time to post your content on Instagram. Publishing during peak times will help you sync up when your target audience is using the app. Social Sprout recommends posting in the mornings and early afternoons during the week.

2. Make Use Of Carousels And Multi-Photo Posts

Keep in mind that posts with more engagement are rewarded with more reach. Carousel posts can make up to 3x the engagement and 1.4x the reach compared to other types of organic, in-feed content.

Brands can make use of carousels to show off their products from different angles, or by sharing tips and tutorials.

3. Put Out Stories On A Regular Basis

While Stories don’t have much influence on the algorithm, it gives brands a great push to be at the front and center of their followers’ feeds. Putting Stories on a regular basis will keep your profile popping up on the feed, making it more likely for your followers to check out your content.

Instagram Stories are also a good way to engage your followers with its features such as Q&A Stickers, Polls, and Live. These features will encourage your followers to always view your content and build familiarity with your brand for the long-term.

4. Use Better Hashtags

Using the right hashtags on your posts can help people discover your brand, even if they don’t follow you. Include hashtags as part of your content strategy to ensure that your posts are searchable. Dig around what’s the best hashtags to use for your niche and make sure they’re highly relevant to your posts.

5. Explore Creating Video Content

Video content has been booming on social media over the past years now. Videos are autoplays in your followers’ feeds, so it's a surefire way to catch their attention. Following the algorithm, we want our followers to spend longer time engaging with our profile. It doesn’t need to be a full-blown production video, what’s more important is you’re producing some form of video.

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One of the many characteristics of Facebook Ads and digital advertising is how it’s consistently evolving. Recently, Apple released new changes to its app policies. These amendments were rolled out along with the iOS 14.5 update that happened last March 2021. It provided users with an opt-in prompt for every app which gives the option to consent to third-party sites like Facebook to track their user data.

Leaders in Digital makes sure to be updated with these changes to help plan out needed strategies and know any areas for concerns. We listed these updates and understand their effects on digital marketing and advertising on the Facebook platform.

iOS 14.5 Updates and How They Will Affect Advertisers

  • Mobile Web and App Advertising Changes – Apple has introduced back in 2018 the ‘SKAdNetwork’ API which is a concept that increases the privacy of users with installed mobile apps. Today, this concept is turned into reality. It will either restrict, aggregate, or delay app event data. The PCM (Private Click Measurement) protocol for web attribution is now responsible for restricting data that businesses and platforms can access.

  • Business Manager Tool Setup – this impacted the Facebook Business Manager interface due to the newly launched change in the design. It was done because Facebook cannot have a different interface for iOS and Android.

  • Measurement - due to PCM’s (Private Click Measurement) restriction, there will be delays in data access. A three-day delay on data display for data that will come from iOS 14.5 users when it comes to ad reporting. Having limited data makes running ad campaigns slightly inconvenient to advertisers.

  • Targeting and Optimization – there is now an eight-pixel cap event per domain for optimization in iOS 14.5 which means only a maximum of eight conversion events are available to use for advertisers. Advertisers need to evaluate eight events, with the most importance, that will be prioritized. The new iOS update hinders optimization, especially if data points are not enough. Small-scale advertisers take the most impact on this update as they don’t have many data points compared to big players. The size of retargeting audiences keeps shrinking as more and more users are updating their operating system to iOS 14.5.

Proactive ways to deal with the iOS 14.5 updates

  1. Verify your domains with Facebook

  2. Decide the eight events for conversion you’ll prioritize

  3. Compare the relationship between 28-day to 7-day attribution

Miscellaneous actions:

  1. Evaluate the impact of targeting and optimization changes on your campaigns.

  2. Understand the real impact of Facebook and Instagram ads on your sales funnel.

Actions to take later

  • Keep focusing on strategic alliances with innovative data products: research for products that provide advertisers with privacy and safe access to data with events tied to various user IDs for ID management.

  • Look for cookie tracking alternatives: retargeting can still be facilitated through using any number of user-specific identifiers to target individuals, such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Encourage site login through improved authenticated experiences to increase the volume of persistent IDs.

  • Develop “value exchange” strategies – offer incentives to customers for sharing their data through “value exchange” strategies which will lead to an increase in the brand’s first-party data. Brands need to dig into their consumer’ psyche to come up with good experiences. Value exchange strategies can be used to your advantage if done right.

As digital marketing, Facebook and social media advertising continue to progress, these kinds of changes are expected to continue happening. Marketers keep finding solutions and ways to adjust to ensure that business will not be affected entirely. If you are looking for more assistance in building successful Facebook ad campaigns, Leaders in Digital would be delighted to offer a free strategy call to give you and your business the help needed. Reach out to us today here!