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One of the many characteristics of Facebook Ads and digital advertising is how it’s consistently evolving. Recently, Apple released new changes to its app policies. These amendments were rolled out along with the iOS 14.5 update that happened last March 2021. It provided users with an opt-in prompt for every app which gives the option to consent to third-party sites like Facebook to track their user data.

Leaders in Digital makes sure to be updated with these changes to help plan out needed strategies and know any areas for concerns. We listed these updates and understand their effects on digital marketing and advertising on the Facebook platform.

iOS 14.5 Updates and How They Will Affect Advertisers

  • Mobile Web and App Advertising Changes – Apple has introduced back in 2018 the ‘SKAdNetwork’ API which is a concept that increases the privacy of users with installed mobile apps. Today, this concept is turned into reality. It will either restrict, aggregate, or delay app event data. The PCM (Private Click Measurement) protocol for web attribution is now responsible for restricting data that businesses and platforms can access.

  • Business Manager Tool Setup – this impacted the Facebook Business Manager interface due to the newly launched change in the design. It was done because Facebook cannot have a different interface for iOS and Android.

  • Measurement - due to PCM’s (Private Click Measurement) restriction, there will be delays in data access. A three-day delay on data display for data that will come from iOS 14.5 users when it comes to ad reporting. Having limited data makes running ad campaigns slightly inconvenient to advertisers.

  • Targeting and Optimization – there is now an eight-pixel cap event per domain for optimization in iOS 14.5 which means only a maximum of eight conversion events are available to use for advertisers. Advertisers need to evaluate eight events, with the most importance, that will be prioritized. The new iOS update hinders optimization, especially if data points are not enough. Small-scale advertisers take the most impact on this update as they don’t have many data points compared to big players. The size of retargeting audiences keeps shrinking as more and more users are updating their operating system to iOS 14.5.

Proactive ways to deal with the iOS 14.5 updates

  1. Verify your domains with Facebook

  2. Decide the eight events for conversion you’ll prioritize

  3. Compare the relationship between 28-day to 7-day attribution

Miscellaneous actions:

  1. Evaluate the impact of targeting and optimization changes on your campaigns.

  2. Understand the real impact of Facebook and Instagram ads on your sales funnel.

Actions to take later

  • Keep focusing on strategic alliances with innovative data products: research for products that provide advertisers with privacy and safe access to data with events tied to various user IDs for ID management.

  • Look for cookie tracking alternatives: retargeting can still be facilitated through using any number of user-specific identifiers to target individuals, such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Encourage site login through improved authenticated experiences to increase the volume of persistent IDs.

  • Develop “value exchange” strategies – offer incentives to customers for sharing their data through “value exchange” strategies which will lead to an increase in the brand’s first-party data. Brands need to dig into their consumer’ psyche to come up with good experiences. Value exchange strategies can be used to your advantage if done right.

As digital marketing, Facebook and social media advertising continue to progress, these kinds of changes are expected to continue happening. Marketers keep finding solutions and ways to adjust to ensure that business will not be affected entirely. If you are looking for more assistance in building successful Facebook ad campaigns, Leaders in Digital would be delighted to offer a free strategy call to give you and your business the help needed. Reach out to us today here!

Updated: May 17, 2021

With more people spending time on social media, digital business communication continues to be significant in the new normal. Facebook has been dedicated to help businesses connect with their customers and reach out to a bigger audience online. In 2020, the world’s most popular network expanded their e-commerce features to seamlessly connect people and small businesses around the world. From scheduling Instagram and Facebook stories to new advertising support, we have got you covered!

At Leaders in Digital, we make sure to keep you up-to-date on the latest social media trends that will surely drive sales and engagement! Facebook recently announced the addition of new tools to make doing business online easier. We’ve listed down what you need to know about the new Facebook Business Suite features:

Create, Publish And Schedule Stories To Facebook And Instagram

Save time and plan your content ahead of time! Facebook Business Suite makes it easier for you to manage your business’ online presence. You can now create, publish and schedule Stories to go live on both Facebook and Instagram. This has been a long frustration of social media managers, as Creator Studio only allows you to schedule posts on feed and IGTV. You need not to use third-party tools anymore, this upgrade will definitely enable business owners to create a full content strategy in a simplified central tool.

Edit Scheduled Posts

Facebook Business Suite now allows you to update your scheduled posts. Create more engaging copy and easily edit your planned content. After saving your changes, you can also get a preview of your updated post on your content calendar within the platform.

In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to save your Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts, and publish and manage all of your Facebook Photos and Albums. Business Suite gives you more flexibility to improve your content strategy.

New Business Discovery Experience From News Feed

Discover new businesses on your own! People can now tap various topics they’re interested in under the post and ads in Feed, and explore content from Facebook pages that may be similar to their interests. This new feature focuses on business discovery and is related to Facebook’s eCommerce push.

Manage Your Business Page In One App

You can now comment, post and like as a business easier! Facebook also gave businesses a new page experience by launching new tools to manage their business page without leaving the app. Control your page, engage with your followers and view Page Insights through a dedicated business news feed.

New Optimization Goals For Ad Campaigns

Facebook introduces new ad features across Lead Ads, Call Ads and Click to Messenger Lead Generations to help businesses get more quality customer leads.

The new “Conversion Leads” goal for Lead Ads will optimise the ad campaign for leads more likely to convert, versus pure volume. This is a more valuable approach and may result in a 20% increase in lead to sale conversion rate.

The “Call Ads” connect business owners to customers by adding a “Call Now” button in their ads. This will provide more capacity to connect and contact directly from Facebook Ads. Lastly, you can now convert Lead Ads forms into Messenger templates to follow up with leads. This will make it easier for business owners to send a message to potential customers and increase the amount of quality leads.

We’re very excited to explore these new tools! The new Business Suite features will surely make valuable additions for many brands. Social Media Marketing continues to evolve to meet the needs of the people and businesses. Interested to build a stronger business presence online? Reach out to Leaders in Digital for a strategy call today!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing quantity and quality of traffic to your website. It can be quite overwhelming especially for beginners. When you’re just getting started with SEO, it’s normal to do your research and rely on Google for lists of ranking factors and you’ll probably end up with a never-ending list of things you need to do to optimize your site and content.

Here at Leaders in Digital, we want to make things easier for you! Skip the unnecessary lists and get straight to knowing what really works when it comes to learning about SEO. I’ve listed down three quick and fail-safe tips to help you optimise your site and reach your goal.

1. Importance of SEO Keywords

SEO keywords are important because they define what your site’s content is about. The reason why keywords play a vital role in a website when it comes to Search Engine Optimization is because these are the words used by people in search engines to help reach your website. Make sure to pick relevant keywords and understand what type of keywords your visitors use to visit your website. To ensure that you get maximum web traffic for your website, it’s highly recommendable to carefully pick some keywords that are most relevant to your content.

2. Having a Blog on Your Website is Beneficial

Creating an onsite blog could bring advantages that you may not know. For instance, having a blog allows you to build credibility, start a conversion and eventually lead to drive traffic. Blogging with useful contents, topics that can be interesting and helpful, will let your audience and customers know that you are a trusted source. The more you blog, the more chances that the search engines have to crawl and index. Brands are now known to be using blogs to grow their businesses and expand their reach. This could bring positive results in improving your SEO without even trying.

3. Use More Conversational Copy

Within your copy you have to ensure that it is conversational. Just think now around 50% of searches are from voice search and that is only going to increase going forward. Aside from that, it is also a great way to provide fresh contents for your website and work with keywords you want to rank for. It’s good to include your brand voice and audience-relevant topics in your blog contents. This may actually impact your searches greatly.

If these tips would be carried out correctly, effectively, and in the right way, it could push your business’ position to the top and really generate a mass amount of enquiries, leads and sales every day. If you want to know more on how to maximise this amazing platform to reach your website goals, don’t be afraid to reach out to us at Leaders in Digital today!

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