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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

To kickstart the brand-new year, Leaders in Digital is sharing another significant Facebook Advertising change that could be useful for your Facebook marketing efforts. This update has been shared in the last quarter of 2020 but in case you missed it, read more on this article to be informed.

Facebook decided to loosen their restriction in ad image which led to the removal of their previously imposed constraint on Facebook ads that includes more than 20% in the main image. This restriction has been known to cause slight trouble for advertisers since they had to undergo certain reconstructing for ad images in order to adhere to Facebook’s ad rules. Facebook hasn’t been so consistent in the enforcement process either, hence it will be good news for many to see those limits getting lifted.

Ever wonder why Facebook has these text limitations in the first place? Facebook had this restriction based on gathered data from Facebook and Instagram users. It seemed like there were numbers of disliked ads with too much text in the main image. Responding to this feedback, Facebook carried out the restriction to improve general user experience.

Facebook then started screening ads based on the amount of image text used in a certain advertisement. Based on that review, advertisements with higher percentage of image text may not be shown. Although there were exemptions applied for book covers, album covers, and product images. Along with this implementation, Facebook provided a Text Overlay tool to check if your ad aligns with the 20% restriction.

However, in 2018, Facebook amended the existing ad text rules where they enabled advertisers to add more text in their ads, on the other hand, the restriction reflected on their ad reach, relative to how much exceeded the limit.

With this latest update, the ad reach restriction being removed, and ads with more than 20% text in the main image will be advertised as normal and reach the same amount of people as any other Facebook ad. Although Facebook is still highly recommending advertisers to "keep your text short, clear and concise in order to get your message across effectively", and it’s been noted that ad images with less than 20% texts perform better.

Advertisers should all keep in mind that they are still required to abide by other Facebook Advertising policies. With this change, Facebook is giving advertisers a hand at maximizing their potential.

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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Facebook has been continuously evolving day by day, so it’s only natural for advertisers to keep up. With all the unprecedented changes we had this year, we should take time to assess what else could we possibly face in 2021. Facebook being a platform that is accessible to almost everyone, a place where people can talk and socialize, now also has been a huge help for advertisers in enabling them to reach more potential consumers.

To help businesses maximize their potential online, we’ve compiled a list of Facebook advertising trends and possible changes to look out for in the year ahead.

1. Facebook Ad Formats to continually evolve

It is important for advertisers to consistently pay attention to several new Facebook Ad features, formats, and resources that seem to develop every day. From there, try to build your Facebook advertising strategy and identify what best suits you and your brand. Defining your Facebook advertising goals such as building brand awareness, retargeting or generating leads could help you go over suitable ad tools.

2. The Lasting Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The economic impact alone of the pandemic we went through last year is undeniable, and as we prepare for the upcoming year, the economic uncertainty remains high. With the news of the vaccine being successfully created, advertisers still need to take a step back and determine how to handle the changes that were brought about and left by the pandemic. Questions like, what makes sense for your business given the effects of COVID-19? Or how has your target audience been affected by the pandemic and how did you respond to this? These are some of the concerns you should be considering as you go over your advertising strategy.

3. Facebook’s Video Ad Format Will Steadily Rise

During these challenging times, a lot of people have been forced to stay at home, have turned into their phones in attempt to finding ways to cure boredom in forms of entertainment, humor or distraction, which leads to the incredible rise of social media and platforms such as YouTube and TikTok among Gen Z and digital natives. This has paved a way for video to become a perfect medium of choice for both consumers and advertisers. There are many factors that make Facebook video ads interesting. Like how they don’t often seem to appear to be ads at first, and how video marketing on Facebook can be rather flexible in terms of options for most budgets and objectives. If you are to build out a strategy for Facebook video make sure to start with your audience, remember that the quality of your video ad matters, and of course, dig into the data that Facebook Ad manager offers for your video marketing efforts.

4. The Vague Future Ahead for eCommerce

One of the effects the pandemic has left behind is the growth for digital consumerism since people are staying indoors and are opting for online shopping as a way to get necessities without having to risk a trip outside. As we head on to another year, and the uncertainty if this trend will remain, it’s better to be prepared. Now that consumer demand is following the “new normal” ways of consumer behavior, Facebook advertisers need to act accordingly. For the time being, people are staying on Facebook more and could possibly be shopping more through the platform, advertisers should take advantage of this potential sales. Some of the things to look into are searching for opportunities to capitalize on lower ad costs, focusing more on mobile platforms given that people now are most likely to be on their phones, and increasing advertising for products in high demand due to the COVID-19.

5. Keep What Matters, Leave What Doesn’t

Moving forward to another year, we all should take note of everything we’ve learned this arduous year we had. Remember how people have the power to demand more from various platforms they use for social media, entertainment, networking and consumption. Digital marketers and advertisers are in for another ride as we brave what lies in the year ahead.

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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

One of the challenges we have seen many beauty salons face is making sure that their ad campaign works well and provides them with results. It takes a lot of effort, from collecting accurate data to using different approaches for creating an effective and profitable ad.

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to draw in potential customers which is why you need to take extra steps in ensuring that your ads will work. Dawn Kubicek, Managing Director of Leaders in Digital shares a few tips that could be useful for you when starting your new Facebook ad campaign.

Key Data Points Will Help You Build a Solid Foundation for Your Ad Campaign

A lot of people believe that successful ad campaigns are “boosted” to a new audience, they’re not. Rather, effective campaigns are built through segments of data from loyalty 5-star customers right through to the top of the funnel - new audiences. When it comes to Facebook marketing, you need to build your campaign step by step. Start off by collecting and putting key data points together which will serve as the foundation for your digital campaign. Once you have a solid foundation, threading through your next steps would be much easier. These key data points can be acquired through testing and optimisation. Make sure you have the right data-driven strategy to start off your ad campaign on the right foot.

Some key data factors to consider for salons and spas are mostly related to their target audience. Knowing the location of the intended clients, gender, age, and interests could help analyse which ad campaign would work the most.

Know the Importance of a Good Referral Discount Offers

Advertisers should keep in mind the impact of an offer. It can either make or break your campaign. Putting discount offers on ads has proven to be the most used way in getting customers’ attention but do they present valuable results? Look for more ways in creating an offer that people will not feel like they’re being sold a product.

Take, for example, how about giving customers something in return for advertising your brand for free and potentially sending in new clients? The best way to do it is through referral discount offers. Discount offers may seem flashy but the implied mechanism in the second offer sounds better. This could be done by means of vouchers, text ads, or emails sent to existing and future customers.

Create Eye-catching Visuals for Every Ad

For beauty-related businesses, it is necessary for most clients to see the end product of the service. If a salon business puts up an ad campaign for their new hair treatment service the most favorable way to go is by posting an ad that shows the results for the said treatment. This way, potential clients would know what to expect from the service they are getting.

It’s crucial not to overdo your ad campaign. Set up ads that have high-quality visuals enough to grab your target audience’s attention right away. Be careful not to overlay the image with too much text, just keep it to a minimum by putting the needed details and focusing on the product or service.

Set Clear Goals for Your Facebook Campaign

Cliché, as it may sound, setting clear goals, is the core in making your digital campaigns. This advice is very crucial and often gets overlooked, too. From an advertising standpoint, a way to measure your results and understand whether your ad campaigns are in the right direction is through setting goals. You don’t need to put too much pressure on setting these advertising goals. Start from the end and break down all your “big picture” goals into smaller goals. This step will allow you to analyze data with more efficiency, then modify your online strategy along the way.

There are many offers a Facebook ad could give. Whether you aim to promote awareness for your salon or spa, or maybe introduce a new service, all these could possibly be achieved by driving your ad’s maximum reach through likes and comments. It all starts with being aware of the goal you want your ad campaign to accomplish.

It takes a lot of ongoing effort and testing strategies to come up with an impressive Facebook ad campaign. If you take into consideration these tips we shared, it could help you build your desired digital campaign. If you have more questions or are in need of digital marketing advice, Leaders In Digital is always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us today!

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