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SEO For Startups: The Importance Of An SEO Strategy Before Building Your Website

The importance of having an SEO strategy in place for startups

Starting a new business venture? Wondering if you should invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) before even building your website? The answer is a resounding yes! Having a solid SEO strategy before building your website isn't just a good idea—it's a strategic necessity. Online visibility can make or break a startup, and the significance of SEO management cannot be overstated. Keep reading to learn more about the impact of website SEO management, AI SEO and why SEO should be a top priority in your website development strategy.

SEO Strategy Analysis

Launching a startup involves navigating uncertainties. SEO plays a crucial role in analysing your business strategy and adapting to changes. By understanding your industry's ever-changing dynamics, you can tailor your SEO strategy accordingly. This flexibility ensures your startup remains relevant and visible in the digital world. 

A well-planned SEO strategy not only affects your online presence but guides how you build your website. It influences decisions about structure, content, and user experience (UX), making your site friendly for both search engines and users. From choosing effective words to creating a smooth customer journey, SEO helps you create a website that works well and attracts visitors. Starting with SEO gives you a solid framework for developing and improving your online presence, improving both the customer experience and the effectiveness of your website.

Competitive Review & Quick Wins

Before you even launch your website, it's essential to conduct a thorough competitive review and focus on customer experience. Ensure your website meets Google's guidelines and take note of what successful competitors are doing that you can do too. SEO helps startups identify quick wins and capitalise on opportunities that might be overlooked by established players. Consider the UX and study how competitors drive conversions — be it through offering tips via a lead magnet, providing consultations, conducting surveys, or offering a free review. With these insights in mind, you can carve out your niche and position your startup for success right from the beginning.

SEO Management with a Limited Budget

Startups often have limited resources, especially when it comes to marketing budgets. SEO becomes a cost-effective game-changer, allowing startups to compete with bigger players. At LiD, we have a monthly SEO process focused on a proven 7-step marketing value system, crafted over 23 years of understanding Google’s algorithm and adapting to changes. By optimising your website for search engines, you not only increase visibility but also attract organic traffic, reducing the need for pricey advertising. This strategic move not only saves funds but also lays the groundwork for sustainable growth. 

Choosing the Right Platforms and AI SEO Tools

Choosing the right website platform is a big decision for startups. WordPress, known for its user-friendly interface, stands out. What makes WordPress even more appealing is its recognition by Google’s algorithms. Pair it with AI SEO management tools, and you have a winning combination. These tools help optimise content, improve site structure, and stay ahead of search engine changes, giving your startup a competitive edge from the start. Additionally, they provide predictive modelling for writing your copy and predicting your customer journey, giving your startup a competitive edge from the start.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Building a website isn't just about attracting visitors; it's about turning them into customers. Incorporating Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) principles into your design ensures a seamless customer experience. Our internally built analytics dashboard is all about daily checks, hard work, and thorough interrogation of data.

Starting with data-driven insights from targeted SEO rankings, we identify who converts first before changing the customer journey. We test and track landing pages, and change layouts and CTAs to find the winning combination that achieved the highest CRO. From the initial landing page to the final conversion funnel, every step should be carefully crafted. Monthly measurements of the conversion rate allow you to refine your design, attracting and retaining valuable customers.

Incorporating website SEO management into your startup strategy before building your website is a wise investment. It's a cost-effective approach that aligns with limited budgets, adapts to strategy changes, outshines competitors, and lays the foundation for a user-friendly website. By focusing on strategic SEO management elements, you're setting your business up for sustainable success in the highly competitive startup landscape. If you need help putting together an effective SEO strategy for your startup, let us know and we can do an initial summary report for you to get started.

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