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Facebook Reveals New Advertising Features and Tools for the Holiday Season

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

The holidays are fast approaching, with only 45 days till Christmas, Facebook has recently rolled out new advertising features which are beneficial for e-commerce retailers and brands to help and make out the most this holiday season.

Leaders in Digital wants to keep you updated on important social media trends and topics beneficial to growing your business. Here are the new ad tools Facebook has just announced and what you need to know about them:

  • Instagram Ads with Product Tags

  • Shopping Engagement to Custom and Lookalike Audiences

  • SMB Training

  • #BuyBlack Friday

Instagram ads with product tags – After more than a year of testing product tags for organic Shopping posts on Instagram, Facebook published that this new feature will now allow all businesses to be able to make ads with product tags directly using Ads Manager. Product tags are determined by the white dots and when a user clicks the dot, product information, which includes the product name and the price, will show.

This feature will engage more Instagram users into the new normal shopping trend and the immediate information given by the product tags will benefit both shoppers and retailers.

Shopping engagement to custom and lookalike audiences – This is a new type of targeting audiences that is directed to help marketers expand their reach for shoppers. Engagement for custom audiences is a way to “reach people who’ve already shown interest in their product or brand by doing things like saving a product, viewing a shop or initiating a purchase.” Lookalike audiences from Facebook and Instagram will help focus on shoppers with similar interests align with those who’ve already purchased from you.

SMB Training – Facebook will be launching a new Season of Support initiative, which offers training and discounts from several martech partners including Intuit, Vimeo, ChatFuel, MobileMonkey, BigCommerce, and Canva, to help small businesses be ready for the holiday season.

#BuyBlack Friday – This is Facebook’s drive to help Black-owned businesses which have been hit hard by the pandemic. 41% of U.S. Black-owned businesses have shut down due to COVID-19. Every Friday from October 30 to November 27, 2020, Facebook will be promoting #BuyBlack Friday on their platforms. Along with this effort, Facebook will also be publishing a gift guide and business directory in support of Black-owned businesses.

The new features, ad formats, and tools highlights Facebook’s intentional aim in making Instagram and Facebook as mobile shopping drivers. With the new normal way of shopping, the company says that 76% of online purchases are happening on mobile and this number is expected to increase during the coming holidays.

These ad tools are definitely worth looking into because they will not only impact marketers but shoppers as well. Want to learn more ways to improve your digital marketing campaigns and gain more sales? Contact us today and we will help you create the perfect ads to increase your business presence.


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