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How AI Is Impacting Google Search Campaigns (Google Ads)

After contributing to the industry about how AI is being used in Google Paid search.

Given the growing interest in this topic, we decided to share my insights here. At Leaders in Digital (LiD), we work with a diverse range of ad campaigns and we have carried out extensive testing and research.

Search Campaign Tests Carried Out By Leaders in Digital

At Leaders in Digital (LiD), we conducted extensive tests across various campaigns using AI-generated content, human-created content, and a blend of both. The results revealed a significant difference in performance, with mixed content consistently outperforming the other two approaches.

Key Findings:

  • AI-Generated Content: Efficient but lacked the nuanced creativity needed for high engagement, as well as unique and strategic business requirements

  • Human-Created Content: Rich in creativity and understanding but less efficient in data-driven insights.

  • Mixed Content (AI and Human): Leveraged the strengths of both, resulting in higher engagement, better conversion rates, and more impactful ad resonance.

The combination of AI and human expertise proved to be the optimal strategy for achieving superior marketing results.

The Power of Human Expertise

Despite the efficiencies brought by AI, our testing shows that human oversight and creativity are crucial. AI tools are great for ideas but cannot replace data driven strategies or Google search data and they do not replace the need for skilled marketers who can:

  • Refine and Improve AI-Generated Content: AI provides a foundation, but human expertise is necessary to elevate the quality of ad copy and imagery.

  • Develop Unique Strategies: Human insight is essential for crafting strategies that resonate with target audiences and stand out from the competition.

  • Adapt and Innovate: The dynamic nature of digital marketing requires a human touch to adapt and innovate in response to changing trends and consumer behaviours.

The Future of AI in Marketing

AI is disrupting media and marketing results, and it does not replace the expertise and creativity of skilled marketers. As AI becomes more widespread, it is so important that you know either your agency or your team are not using AI to generate your paid media copy or content as this could be detrimental to your brand.

Yes it is fast, Yes it saves time…

However alone it will not drive results

extensive testing across different campaigns consistently shows that the combination of AI and human touch delivers superior results.

If you're ready to discuss enhancing your digital strategy or want more details on how these approaches can be applied to your organisation, please feel free to let me know and we can book a strategy call.


Dawn & the LiD Team

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