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How To Improve Your SEO & Website Ranking With Google’s Content Updates

As human beings we are wired for connection so the images we see and the words we read are so vital to create this bond. That’s why what people are searching for has to be a focus for your business. If your website ranking is low or your SEO (search engine optimization) is poor, people are not going to connect with you, no matter how good your message, service or products are.

We all communicate through storytelling, from a few words, all the way to articles and information designed to attract our clients. This is where Google leads the way in directing your potential clients to your website to find out more about you and your business.

Think back before we used search engines and it was the phone book and probably more importantly, word of mouth. We relied on family, friends or trusted advisors to steer us in the right direction. Now Google is more than just a website, it’s how we all ‘look it up.’

That’s why it’s important for Google and their team to ensure that we are not having our time wasted by poorly designed content, websites and especially, fake information. They even have a program running in the background to ensure that content is not being made purely to trick the algorithm. You see there is a good side and a bad side to SEO.

The good side is making sure that what is written on your website, your blog and social media posts uses enough key words to make sure that you can be found, but it is still your writing, your message and more importantly, your style and tone.

The bad side is purely using these keywords to create content that honestly is boring to read, not really satisfying, and is purely written to draw you to their website because it boosts their website ranking.

This is why it is nice to know that Google is protected by a friendly, people-first ‘Panda.’

Ok so it’s not a real one, it’s just the nickname of a program that was created to ensure that the bad side of SEO did not clog up the search results. Named after the engineer Nanveet Panda who worked on it, recently it received another refresh/update.

The focus is on people-first content, meaning that it is constantly searching for the best written, authentic content that is bringing meaning and value to your customers. This is why your organically written words, along with those keywords, are the way to get more customers to your site.

That’s why authentic stories, articles, blogs and posts are so important to make you stand out from the crowded marketplace. Be real but also be smart. We instinctively know when something has been designed to trick us, a bit like click bait, so when it’s a website that isn’t authentic we feel let down. This is completely devaluing your brand.

It’s also not about finding the quick fix, hack or trick to attract new customers. It’s about writing authentically and testing to get the optimum outcome. This is why data is so vital to ensure that you are getting feedback to see if your marketing is working.

Here’s an example of how we work with our clients to get the best results.

  1. Using our 7 step marketing system which is a proven data-driven method

  2. A week by week process of tasks feeds the Google Algorithm

  3. Technical checks are carried out daily to fix and optimize the website

  4. We report back and share consultative recommendations for next month

One of our clients had great success within their first year after running with this detailed process. They achieved an increase from 100 to 2000 website SEO clicks which also massively impacted sales from 0 to 32 per month for high ticket trips and vacations.

This is a staggering achievement using the combination of a data driven process and targeted research to find what works best for each specific business.

Imagine what we could do to help yours?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are having issues with SEO as we may be able to help.

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