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Instagram Hack: New Features and Updates To Help You Win Engagement

Instagram is amongst the top 5 list of most used social media platforms over the years. It has evolved from being an outlet for posting photo content to becoming a useful tool for digital marketers to boost their brand’s awareness. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it is a sure way to effectively create and share content, drive traffic to attract more customers, and then generate more sales in return.

Have you ever wondered how the swipe-up link feature works? You’ve probably seen this Instagram feature in several celebrities, influencers, and marketing brands’ stories. Previously, only users with over 10,000 followers could use this on their stories. They can use it to include a link for their followers to check by simply swiping up their corresponding stories. However the 10k follower reach is not available for all of us, so we have some exciting news around how we can still benefit from story clicks.

Here at Leaders in Digital, we make sure that these useful features are maximized to be able to successfully promote your business and get more leads. Check out how your brand can benefit from this, and other Instagram updates...

How Swiping Up Can Increase Your Brand’s Engagement

Your followers, or casual viewers, get to engage with your Instagram Swipe Up story content which results in successfully promoting your brand. There are various ways businesses can benefit from this particular Instagram feature:

  • Promoting Your Products or Services – this feature is definitely a great way for promoting what you have to offer for potential or returning customers. It’s also more convenient for your viewers to check out the offer as they can be easily redirected to your site by simply swiping up

  • Promoting Your Brand’s Blogs and Videos – to easily promote a new blog or video content on your website, sharing it through Instagram stories and adding the link to the swipe-up feature can catch curious users’ attention.

  • Promoting Upcoming Events – if you want your event to have a huge turnout, take advantage of the swiping uplink feature to advertise, and get interested participants. It’s a helpful approach to spread the word and encourage people to join.

This Instagram feature has proven to be a valuable game-changer for brands and Instagram influencers. Digital marketers who needed to drive more traffic and increase in ROI enjoyed the results of using the swipe-up link feature.

This Instagram’s Update Is the Alternative for The Swipe-Up Link Feature

Instagram acknowledged the few concerns regarding not having access to the swipe-up link feature. Since it’s only limited to verified accounts with 10,000 or more followers, it’s impossible for Instagram users with smaller followings to use it. Instagram addressed this issue by testing out the linked sticker feature to cater to all users.

The sticker feature’s many capabilities would be the substitute for swiping links. It’s already a natural way for interaction on the platform. Enabling people to participate in campaigns, expressing emotions, adding a touch of style to stories, and sharing information like time, location, and even temperature are some of the ways to use these stickers.

Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product, shares that there is no intention of bringing links anywhere else on the platform, and getting the stickers out for everyone is the goal they would like to reach. Let’s see if this follows through as a long-term strategy!

So if you are a digital marketer looking for more ways to efficiently boost revenue and gain more customers, make the most out of the swipe-up link feature and see results for your brand. And if you’re hoping to enjoy this feature too, but doesn’t meet the criteria, watch out for Instagram’s sticker update, and hang on till you can enjoy it as well.

If you’re looking to grow your business’ reach through various social media platforms, reach out to us at Leaders in Digital anytime!

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