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7 Facebook Ad Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Budget and How To Avoid Them

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

Facebook is the biggest social network, making it one of the most popular paid media options we have today. You can find businesses of all types and sizes advertising on Facebook to reach out and expand their customer base. With Facebook having a growing 2 billion user base, we can say that it will continue to be a results-oriented online advertising platform perfect for marketers.

Leaders in Digital will definitely not let you dive in blindly to Facebook Advertising. We know it might feel frustrating at times, especially when you are trying out new marketing strategies. We would like to educate you more about Facebook ads and ensure that your marketing budget will not go to waste. We’ve listed down the 7 most common Facebook ad mistakes you could be making and how you could avoid them in the future to get better performance and reach. Hope this helps! :)

1. You are choosing the wrong Facebook campaign objective.

The first step in doing any paid advertising is determining the marketing goal or ad objective of the campaign you will run. This is important to maximize the results of your ad spend as you’re telling Facebook how to spend your money and what is your end-goal. Currently, Facebook has a variety of options in three categories: awareness, consideration and conversion. So ask yourself, what do you want to achieve and what do you want the customer to do on your Facebook paid ads?

2. You are running your Ads at all times.

You should not run your ads all day and all night. Your ads are also vulnerable to experience campaign fatigue. You should limit how often your ads are shown and set a custom schedule for your campaign. This will enable you to spend your budget and run your ads during the days and times that are most relevant to your audience. You’ll see an improved response rate when you reach your customers at a good time.

3. You are using irrelevant landing pages.

No one wants a landing page that doesn’t match the content of the ad promoted. You need to consider where your ad takes the users and guarantee that you fulfill your initial promotion on your Facebook ad. You have to lead your engaged users to a landing page that matches the copy and visuals of your ad. This is to make sure that your potential customers will not click away and your marketing budget will not go to waste.

4. You are constantly pausing or tweaking your campaigns.

You don’t need to check your dashboard every 5 minutes. You don’t have to worry if you already spent a few dollars and it hasn’t had a single opt-in. Keep in mind that Facebook’s ad system uses machine learning to optimize for best results. This means that when you start your ad campaign, you have to let it run for 48 hours or more without touching or revising anything. Facebook calls this the “learning phase”. Your campaign needs time to collect and evaluate enough data to fully optimize ad delivery. It may be tempting to tweak your ads from time to time, but it may be worth waiting instead of wasting more budget in unoptimized ads.

5. You did not activate the Facebook automated rules.

If you don’t have the time to constantly check-in or monitor your ad performance, you might overlook some issues that eat away your marketing budget. By utilizing Automated Results, you can avoid driving up your cost per acquisition. This allows Facebook to automatically check your campaigns and ad sets, then update you on the changes made, based on the specific rules that you’ve created. You can also have the option to have Facebook simply send you a notification, so you can make the needed changes yourself.

6. You forget to exclude the audience who has already seen your ads or taken action.

Targeting the right audience is essential in running Facebook ads. You should stop wasting your budget on people who already know about your product or have seen your ads over again. You can save your money by excluding the audience who have already taken actions with your page or ads. To avoid this, create your Custom Audience based on the actions people have taken with your brand and ads or the landing page they visited. This will allow you to create a more tailored remarketing campaign and will ensure your ads reach new potential customers.

7. You are not taking advantage of the different ad types.

Every audience responds and engages in different ways. With Facebook, you can design and create more engaging campaigns using the different media options. As the consumer preference changes, you can always do A/B tests with the varying ad formats. This will also help you in finding the most effective ad format for your target audience and making the most out of your allocated budget.

By avoiding the mistakes we’ve listed for you, you can surely avoid wasting too much of your budget on ineffective ads. Your business success is a learning curve and you’ll learn better by experimenting and trying new digital marketing strategies. Ready to take your Facebook Ads to the next level? Contact us today if you have any questions on building your brand’s social media presence and producing top notch ads.

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